Requirements for permission to work

Requirements for permission to work

EU citizens

EU passport holders work under the same conditions as UK citizens.

Non-EU citizens

Non-EU citizens on courses of 6 months or more have a stamp in their passport that says


a) “Work (and any changes) must be authorised”, or

b) “Leave to enter the UK on condition that the holder does not enter or change employment paid or unpaid without the consent of the Secretary of State for Employment”.

If you have either of these 2 wordings in your passport, you can work part-time for up to 20 hours a week, as long as the work that you do is not:

  • Engaging in business (self-employed)
  • Professional sports person
  • Entertainer
  • Full-time work

If the stamp in your passport is not a) or b) please come to see a member of Student Services, who can help you to contact the Home Office Immigration department where you can find out if you can change the stamp or not.



Every student working in the UK will get taxed at a rate of 22%. You are able to claim tax back once you leave the country if you stayed under the personal allowance of £4890 per year.

Minimum wage

Legally you are guaranteed a minimum wage of:

  • £3.72 an hour – if you are under 18
  • £4.98 an hour – if you are between 18 and 20
  • £6.19 an hour – if you are 21 and over

Please note that even if you are over 22 you can still get paid only £4.60 in the first six months.

More Information

Home Office: 01142594074

Euro Adviser: 02075064019

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