Pie and Mash with parsley liquor

Pie and Mash with parsley liquor

The origins of pie and mash can be traced back to the 18th century with “Eel Pie and Mash Houses” being popular places to buy a cheap and filling meal.

Pie, mash and liquor. This is a baked minced beef pie with mashed potato. Liquor is unique topie and mash shops who all claim to have their very own secret recipe for the green parsley gravy. Due to the simplicity of the dish, pie and mash is freshly made, prepared and cooked on the premises each day.

The traditional way to eat pie and mash is to cover your beef pie and mash with liquor and a liberal amount of salt and also vinegar. Many pie shops now offer chilli vinegar (vinegar containing pickled chillies) to give your pie and mash a bit of spice.

Pie and mash is known as a London Cockney favourite and pie and mash shops were prevalent all across London and particularly the East End. These have reduced in numbers over the last 10 years but pie and mash remains a favourite of the Nation as pie and mash can now be enjoyed all over the Country.

Forward thinking pie and mash shops now offers their products over the internet with delivery options and some can also cater for parties, weddings and functions on a bulk basis.

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