Bacon Roly-Poly

Bacon Roly-Poly

It is a traditional English specialty. The best of this dish is that it consists of simple ingredients that are self-rising flour, bacon, onions, salt, pepper and shredded suet. Sometimes they add some other ingredients as parsley, mushrooms and leek.

The bacon is wrapped in batter and baked. Bacon roly-poly is traditional served with green vegetables, potatoes and gravy or tomato soup, delicious!!!! The batter should be carefully baked and have a browned colour. This dish has a delicious, a little bit spicy taste.

Why it is called “roly-poly”? Because, this word has had a long and varied history in England. In the 17 th.century it mean “rascal”. In the 18 th.century it was applied to various sorts of games involving rolling a ball, and also, apparently with facetious intent, to peas.

But by the end of the 19 th.century it had found its current home as the name of a comforting sweet suet pudding with a jam filling. Then the jam was replaced by fresh bacon as an alternative to the sweet ones.

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