National Insurance

National Insurance

You must have a National Insurance Number to work in the UK. Everyone must pay National Insurance when they work; it is a kind of basic tax to cover the healthcare system and other basic benefits. You cannot reclaim National Insurance payments.

How to get a National Insurance Number

Once you have a job offer your employer will assist you with the application for the temporary number.
You must apply for a permanent NI number at your local benefits agency office, providing evidence of your identity and of the job offered. You will need to make an appointment at the benefits agency office. You will automatically be subject to UK tax rules.

To arrange an appointment call: 0845 6000 643

Job Centres

Job Centres are government agencies that will help you find work and can arrange your National Insurance number:

Brighton Hove

Windsor House Boundary House, 30-35 Edward Street Boundary Road, Brighton Hove East Sussex. Tels: 01273 647400 – 01273 368100

For UK Tax Information:

Inland Revenue, Brighton

Crown House
11 Regent Hill
Brighton – East Sussex
0845 3667856

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