The ‘Hen Night’ by My English Friends

The ‘Hen Night’ by My English Friends

For better or for worse – but how much worse?

It is a tradition in Britain that a bride-to-be (or fiancee, a French word which we use), holds a party for her girlfriends to celebrate her future marriage. It is called a ‘hen party’ or ‘hen night’. The hen party is copied from the very old tradition of the male ‘stag night’ ( a stag is a male deer).

Although the practice goes back centuries, in its modern form the hen night may have begun during the liberation of women in the 1960 (women’s lib, as we call it). As a result, they often involve displays of freedom, such as telling your friends secrets, drinking and dressing up in bizarre costumes (such as a wearing a wedding dress made out of toilet paper!) And some of the evening’s entertainment might include things like gorgeous guys serving the drinks and cooking the dinner!

dancing on tables 

Brighton, with its reputation for fun and partying, has become a favourite destination for both the stag night and the hen party. Usually groups of revellers come down on a Saturday, so last weekend I decided to go and do some research….

Imagine my delight when I met this young lady near the pier; she was ‘dressed to kill’, including a bridal veil, and she was carrying a plastic, inflatable doll to represent her future husband. This doll was wearing handcuffs and a monkey mask (which has slipped off onto his shoulder). In her hand she carried a fork, ready to puncture him and let the air out! Symbolic in some way? Anyway, she and her friends were having a lot of fun on a beautiful day in Brighton!

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