Should Scotland be independent?

Should Scotland be independent?

On September 18th the Scots will vote on independence: should they remain part of the United Kingdom, or should they be an independent country (like southern Ireland, Eire)?


I am half Scottish so I can understand why this is a very difficult decision for the Scots; they have their own culture, music, language (Gaelic – spoken mainly in the north and in the Outer Hebrides, the islands), their own educational system, their own legal system and most importantly, their own identity.


When you visit Scotland you will know you are in a different country! The people speak with a Scottish accent, they are very warm and friendly, they love drinking even more than the English and they feel passionately about their country!


BUT, is it a good idea to leave the United Kingdom and become totally independent? This means a separate economy (and maybe currency), loss of jobs, less economic stability and many, many other risks.


See what you think – go to the link below, read the article and then make up your own mind!


Yes or no to Scottish independence

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