I am feeling a littler under the weather

I am feeling a littler under the weather

“I am feeling a littler under the weather” some idioms and vocabulary to explain how bad you feel!

These days, when people ask “How are you?” the answer now is usually “I’m good”. In the old days, we used to answer “I’m well”. I am fighting a lonely battle to bring back I’M WELL, as I’M GOOD IS WRONG! Call me pedantic! Please support me in my campaign!

Anyway, here are some useful and colourful answers to that question How are you? so that you can get some sympathy from your friends:

I’m coming down with a cold/the flu (I am starting to get a cold/flu)

I threw up yesterday all over the carpet (I vomited)

I have a splitting headache (I have a very bad headache)

I have come out in a rash after eating oysters (I have red marks on my skin)

I’m at death’s door (I feel really, really terrible – this is not literal, by the way)

I feel a bit queasy (a little nauseous)

I feel a bit off colour (not very well)

I have a terrible hangover (I drank too much and feel ill)

I need a hair of the dog (another drink to help my hangover)

I’m in bad/poor shape (bad physical condition – you can also be in good shape!)

I feel like death warmed up (I feel really terrible)

I’m a bit run down (not very healthy/strong as tired, not eating properly etc)

I’m a bit poorly (a bit unwell)

I got out the wrong side of bed (I am in a bad mood)

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