How good is your English conversation?

How good is your English conversation?

Even if your English is not advanced, there are some fun ways to improve your fluency without going to classes or studying for hours. Here are some examples which might help you learn without learning:

– Watch your favourite TV programme with the subtitles switched on – you can read what people are saying and it really helps you understand and learn.

– Listen to music – download your favourite tracks onto your phone/iPod and then look up the lyrics online – there are lots of lyric websites. You may not find all the bands, but you’ll find most of the best known ones.

– Go to the cinema and choose a film that is action-based rather than dialogue-based. Really concentrate as hard as you can to understand even a few words in each sentence. Gradually it will get easier.

– Join a group or activity that you really enjoy: sport, a gym, yoga class, art class, but NOT something organised through a school where you might speak your own language. Get to know other English members – this is easier sometimes than trying to speak to English people in pubs and clubs!

– Listen to the radio – there are some fantastic programmes on BBC radio 4 (which you can also download as podcasts or watch on BBC iPlayer).

– Check out subjects you are interested in on YouTube or Ted Talks – a fantastic website!

– And finally, find yourself an English girlfriend/boyfriend – OK – easier said than done!

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