The highs and lows of pub life

The highs and lows of pub life

As you know, we love our pubs! And drinking and pub culture have their own language and customs. Here are a few to help you fit in!


Buying a ‘round’

When you are with one or more friend, it is customary to take your turn to ‘buy a round’. This means you buy drinks for your friends if it’s your ‘round’.

You might say

“It’s my round. What will you have?”

The answers might be:

“Make mine a half” (a half pint of beer or cider)

“Same again, please” (I’ll have the same drink I had in the last round)

“OK, just one for the road” (one more drink before I go home!)

“Bottoms up” (finish your drink)


At the end of the evening, the barman will say

“Last orders please” – this means you can buy one more drink before the pub closes. This used to be at 11pm, but now pubs stay open much later.


If you stay too long in the pub and get drunk, we have a lot of slang words:

Pissed [as a newt] (a newt is an animal that lives in water!)

Drunk as a skunk (a skunk is an animal that makes an awful smell when afraid!)

Half cut


Tipsy (just a little drunk!)


And the next day, if you have stayed too long in the pub, you might say:

“I’m hung over” – or “I have a hangover” (you don’t feel very well)

“I need a hair of the dog” (another drink to make me feel better)

And you might even say “I’ll never touch another drop!” (I’ll never drink again)

“I’m going on the wagon” (I’m going to stop drinking)

…. until the next time, that is! Cheers!

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