Harry Potter, The Jungle Book and Winnie the Pooh, by My English Friends

Harry Potter, The Jungle Book and Winnie the Pooh, by My English Friends

Did you know that these famous films originated as well-loved children’s books? You probably did. Many British children were brought up on these wonderful stories. But perhaps you didn’t know that there are some fantastic places you can visit to find out more about them.


The Harry Potter Studios

J. K. Rowling wrote this series of books, that has been turned into wonderful films, which you have almost certainly seen. The studios where the films were made are in Watford (outside London). They are amazing! The fabulous sets of all the movies are so realistic – it is like being transported into that magical, make-believe world. You can even be filmed playing the game of ‘Quidditch’ on a broomstick, or drink a ‘butterbeer’!
For more information go to the website.


Winnie the Pooh Country

This is a great day out to the picturesque Ashdown Forest, where the book by A. A. Milne was written. You can visit the enchanted places of Pooh Country, and have a cream tea in in Piglit’s Tearoom. Cream tea (if you haven’t already tried it) is a typical English treat and includes tea (of course!), scones (a kind of cake) and ‘clotted cream’ (very thick cream, almost like butter) and jam. Delicious!
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The Jungle Book

This was written by Rudyard Kipling, one of the most famous English writers of children’s books. As well as The Jungle Book, he wrote the Just So Stories, a collection of tales which explain why animals are all so different, for example: “How the elephant got its nose” and “How the giraffe got its neck” and “How the Camel got its hump”. Like all the best children’s books, these are just as much fun for adults. And Rudyard Kipling lived very near Brighton! You can visit his beautiful house, Batemans.
For more information go to the Bateman’s website.


Have a great time!

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