Form an orderly queue – the art of waiting your turn

Form an orderly queue – the art of waiting your turn

We British LOVE queuing! And we get very upset and annoyed if other people do not follow our rules of the queue! At the bus stop, getting on the train, buying a ticket and most importantly, buying drinks in a pub. So we at My English Friends have put together some guidelines for you so that no one hits you over the head with an umbrella for not taking your turn. You have been warned …..

club queue

Buying tickets or waiting to get into a club etc

Never attempt to ‘queue barge’ – if you try to ‘jump the queue’ (in other words, try to get ahead of other people who were there first), this will be very, very unpopular indeed.

In a bar or pub

A busy pub is a battleground. It may not look like there is any order to those people crowding round the bar to buy their drinks, but the bar man will know exactly who is next. And if you try to get ahead of someone who has been waiting longer than you, this is very bad behaviour and everyone will get quite pissed off. It does help if you are tall, however.

Waiting for a table in a restaurant

This situation can cause emotions to get heated. It is absolutely essential that you wait your turn and don’t try to tell the waiter that you are more important and need the best table because you are the King of Siam (unless you are, of course).

In a shop (especially during the sales)

There are stories of people camping outside the Apple shop to be the first to buy the latest iPhone. You are risking your life if you attempt to get ahead in the queue in this competitive situation. Fights have been known to break out.

bus queue

At the bus stop

This is for experienced queuers only. It may look like there is no queue – everyone is standing around – but once the bus arrives, chaos can break out if you barge ahead and grab the best seats. The only people allowed to get on first are the elderly, those in wheelchairs and mothers with prams. Not you!

You have been warned! And when we, as Brits, travel abroad and see that no one is standing in an orderly queue, we can get very angry! Especially in the ski resorts of Europe when we are waiting to get on the lifts.

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