Essential phrasal verbs for the dating game

Essential phrasal verbs for the dating game

If you are studying English, you will know how many ‘phrasal verbs’ we have! These can be very confusing and each one has more than one meaning (eg get up, break down, drop off etc). For example:

He put down his heavy bag (or He put his heavy bag down).

The meaning here is obvious – you can understand it easily.

But this example is not so easy to understand:

He put down his friend (or He put his friend down).

The meaning here is not obvious! It means he insulted him!

We have selected some common ‘slang’ phrasal verbs we use when dating. To make them easy to understand, we are going to tell you a story……

how to use phrasal verbs

One day I went into town to hang out with my friend in a café. We were hoping we might pick up a nice English girl. We noticed a beautiful girl sitting at the next table; and she was eyeing us up – I think she was checking us out. So my friend started to chat her up. They seemed to really hit it off.

After about an hour, he asked her out and I suppose got off with her and I didn’t see him again for a few days! The next time I saw him, he said he was going out with her and said that they got on really well! But all good things come to an end and after only two months, they split up. This really got him down. I tried to cheer him up.

“Don’t worry”, I said, “I am sure you’ll make up soon or hook up with someone else. And if not, you will just have to move on


phrasal verbs wordle

To hang out with – to spend time with (eg friends)

To pick up – to meet a girl/boy and get together with them (eg at a club)

To eye up – to look at someone to see if you like them

To check out – to decide if you like that person/place etc

To chat up – to flirt with someone in conversation

To hit it off – to really like each other

To ask out – to ask on a date

To get off with – this usually means you took them home!

To go out with – to date, be together as boyfriend and girlfriend

To get on with – to be compatible/good together

To split/break up – to leave someone you are in relationship with

To get you down – to make you upset or sad

To cheer up – to make you happy

To make up – get back together again

To hook up with – to get together with someone

To move on – to forget that person and find someone new!

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