Bad hair day – English idioms using parts of the body

Bad hair day – English idioms using parts of the body

The English love their idioms, especially ones using the parts of the body. Here are some of my favourites which you may not have heard before:
She’s got egg on her face – she has done something stupid and feels embarrassed



I’m having a bad hair day! In other words, everything is going wrong!

Bad hair day

It was a kick in the teeth – someone has done or said something to you that really upset you

She’s a pain in the neck/ass – she’s annoying and irritating

She’s/it’s a sight for sore eyes – she is (or something is) very attractive and makes you feel better

They had a skeleton in the cupboard – they had a secret past that they wanted to hide

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It was a slip of the tongue – you said something by mistake that you didn’t mean to say

He always digs his heels in – he is stubborn and refuses to do something he doesn’t want to do

I’m still finding my feet – I’m still getting used to a new situation

Get it off your chest – tell someone about something that is bothering/troubling you

She has her head in the clouds – she’s out of touch, unrealistic, a dreamer
I’ve got itchy feet – I always want to be somewhere else, to travel

They are joined at the hip – they are never apart


He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth – he comes from a wealthy, privileged family

Keep your nose clean – stay out of trouble

On Saturday nights I let me hair down – enjoy myself, behave in an uninhibited way

We paid through the nose – we paid a high price

To pull someone’s leg – play a joke on someone by saying something that’s not true


He stuck out like a sore thumb – he’s different from everyone else and looked conspicuous

I shot myself in the foot – I harmed/hurt myself by saying or doing something stupid

The business is having teething problems – problems during the early stages
He wears his heart on his sleeve – he shows his emotions

He’s wet behind the ears – he doesn’t have much experience

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