Your valuables

Your valuables

According to statistics, one in five students become a victim of crime while studying at Colleges, Language Schools or Universities. So be aware of it by protecting your valuables following our advice.

Protect Your Valuables

  • Pick-pocketing is a problem in most cities (specially in clubs), so please be careful.
  • Leave your passport and other valuables at home, keep your student card as a form of ID.
  • Keep your valuables cautiously and don’t tell other students about it
  • Keep your dorm room always secure
  • Use the buddy system by being in touch with groups
  • Watch your utterances on social media
  • Disclose your whereabouts to close friends
  • Store all emergency phone numbers
  • Report any strange sight to staff
  • Avoid disclosing personal details to strangers

For further information, check the NUS website security advice page:

NUS (National Union Student)


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